An Enjoyable Nite

An Enjoyable Nite
My best buddy and I have a tradition of trying out new restaurant each time we meet. We would take turn to arrange for dinner. This time she proudly told me she would have a nice surprise for me. We shall see…

She knows I”m lazy to travel, so she picked this French restaurant in my neighbourhood. The decor gives a warm and homey feel, the seats are roomy enough. I felt very comfortable.

My buddy has been here once, so she recommended we share the “Signature Dinner” and try other dishes. As she is a big fan of seafood, so the “other dishes” are seafood platter, half dozen oyster and deep fried frog leg! smile

And the Signature Dinner includes Foie Gras, Crab Bisque, Confit (Duck Leg) and Cherry Claufoutis (YUM YUM)

Seafood platter consists of 麵包蟹 (according to our waiter, it”s called Edible crab), whelk, clams and a good amount of shrimp. They all very fresh, but Edible crab was our favorite, there is so much yolk and it goes very well with the 3 kinds of homemade sauce that comes with the dish.

The oysters are freshly arrived from France. It was good, it”s just a bit too salty for my personal taste.

Foie Gras was served with some mixed berry and just a splash of sauce. It was a great match – the foie gras tasted so good, I really didn”t want to share with my buddy tongue

Frog leg was lightly-battered and the pesto based sauce give the dish a nice touch.

Crab bisque was good.

Confit (duck leg) was excellent! online casino The duck leg lay on top of a bed of “red cabbage”, the skin was thin and crispy, yet the meat remained very juicy and tender. We cleaned the plate.

Before dessert was served, the live band started playing jazz, and later on a lady came on and sang some classics. My buddy knows I love live music, this is truly a surprising addition to our wonderful girls night out!
(The waiter told us they will have live music every Tuesday night, and the band plays a mix of jazz and modern classics.)

Just when I thought I don”t have any room left for dessert, the waiter brought out Cherry Claufoutis (hot dish)…. Whao, it smells like freshly baked cake just coming out of the oven… we are chowing again lol

One thing worths mentioning – there is no corkage fees. Of course we took advantage of that and brought our own wine.

All in all, it was an enjoyable night – good company, good food, good music.

I would come back to try other dishes lol


Recommended Dish(es): Foie gras,cherry claufoutis
Table Wait Time: 0 minute(s) 

Date of Visit: Nov 23, 2010
Spending per head: Approximately HKD400(Dinner)
Other Ratings:
Taste 5 |  Environment 4 |  Service 4 |  Hygiene 4 |  Value for Money 4


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